EasyGo Baby Formula Dispenser

The EasyGo baby formula dispenser was invented for parents on the Go! The comfort of feeding in the palm or your hand with a guarantee that you'll ditch the can

o Contains enough formula for five 8 ounce bottles 

o Patented measuring unit; one twist per 2 fl ounces of water 

o Fits snug in any diaper bag 

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$ 19.95
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EasyGo baby Features

  • Stores 21 scoops

    Stores enough formula for 5 x 8 ounce bottles; No other powder dispenser stores as much powder.

  • Pre-measure

    Our patented measuring unit was designed to be closely compatible to the dosage offered from the measuring scoop provided in the formula can. As a result of our testing we found, at times, our scoop to be more accurate than the scoop offered inside of formula can based on human error "what is an unpacked level scoop"?  We estimate our scoop to be 18 cc +/- 1 cc. 

    Dispense 1 scoop per 2 fl ounces of water or use transparent measuring unit window to measure a 1/2 scoop. 

    The measuring unit is nearly compatible with most major formula brands to include: Similac, Enfamil, Earth's Best, Target UP & UP, Gerber, Parents Choice and other similar brands. We encourage parents to collaborate with their doctor regarding feeding requirements for their child. 

  • Dispense

    The funnel was designed to work with both small and large baby bottle openings, stop spilling formula and start saving money and no more crusty counter topics, powder pants and no more vacuuming powder from your car crevices 

  • Dishwasher Safe

    The EasyGo baby, easily breaks down into 4 dishwasher safe parts 

  • Warranty

    We offer a 100% lifetime product defect warranty, simply private message us on Facebook or through the contact page