About Us

The EasyGo baby was invented by Dr. Blake Schroedter, Tony Genovese and Michael Pett. 

Blake, Tony, and Michael met while serving their country in the U.S. Military. All three were deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004 and Blake and Tony were later deployed to Afghanistan in 2008.

While on deployment, the three friends realized there was no easy way to make an instant protein shake, a common source of nutrition for combat soldiers on the go. What they really needed was something portable and convenient to store, carry, and dispense a pre-measured amount of protein powder. Upon returning home, the three veterans teamed up to develop the EasyGo Dispenser. In discussing this with friends and family, they realized that not only did combat soldiers and fitness enthusiasts need this product, but anyone who used baby formula as well, and the EasyGo Baby was born.

After taking a 2 year break, the team has focused on re-launching the EasyGo baby formula dispenser in 2018 understanding the benefits of this product to make traveling easier for parents on the go.